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Affiliated groups

The scientific expertise at HIPS is strengthened by close collaborations with researchers at Saarland University, Homburg University Hospital, and the Technical University of Munich. The research groups of these affiliated Professors are located in the departments of Medicine, Informatics and Life Sciences.

United against AMR

The intensive collaboration with our affiliated research groups, allows the HIPS to complement its expertise in the fields of chemistry, informatics and medicine.

In the field of medicine, the scientific expertise of HIPS is complemented by affiliated groups in the fields of virology and pneumology. The close collaboration with our clinical partners enables HIPS to tailor its research according to the actual medical need of patients. To analyse the collected patient data as efficiently as possible, HIPS receives support from an affiliated group in the field of clinical bioinformatics. Three additional affiliations within the life sciences expand the existing expertise in the fields of biotechnology, target identification and natural product synthesis and thus provide HIPS with a broad scientific basis for the successful development of novel antibiotics.

Sigrun Smola

Prof Dr Sigrun Smola

Drug Discovery for Persistent Viral Infections

Stephan Sieber

Prof Dr Stephan Sieber

Target Identification of Natural Products

Uli Kazmaier

Prof Dr Uli Kazmaier

Total Synthesis of Natural Products

Andriy Luzhetskyy

Prof Dr Andriy Luzhetskyy

Metabolic Engineering of Actinobacteria

Robert Bals

Prof Dr Dr Robert Bals

Molecular Therapies for Lung Diseases

Andrea Volkamer

Prof Dr Andrea Volkamer

Data Driven Drug Design


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