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Prof Dr Uli Kazmaier


The Kazmaier group is concerned on the one hand with the development of new synthesis methods, especially for the construction of unusual amino acids and peptides, and on the other hand with their application in the synthesis of natural and active substances. Many of these often very unusual peptides are found in "low organisms" of marine origin or bacteria and show extraordinary biological properties. Therefore, these peptides will not only be totally synthesized, but also concepts for modifications will be developed, which will allow the generation of smaller libraries of potential active compounds. Recently, the spectrum has also been extended to polyketides and polyketide-peptide conjugates. 

Synthesis of e.g. deuterium-labeled compounds will further provide building blocks for feeding experiments and for elucidation of biosynthetic pathways. This has already been successfully realized in the past for tubulysins and cinnabaramide. The incorporation of photoaffinity-labeled building blocks into natural products could also be used to elucidate mechanisms of action via target fishing.