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Life in Saarbrücken

Due to its size, Saarbrücken is a city of short ways. Its lively culture and art scene, numerous concerts, festivals, and exciting nightlife render Saarbrücken a true metropolis. Museums, the theatre, as well as excellent restaurants and bars are all within walking distance. Rental costs and living expenses are below average as compared to the rest of Germany, allowing for a high quality of life. At the same time, Saarbrücken is remarkably green. Be it in a “Biergarten” right next to the Saar or in the neighbouring city forest with its biking and hiking trails: relaxing in the outdoors is just a stone’s throw away in Saarbrücken.

The immediate proximity to the French region Lorraine is another asset of the state capital, which shaped the Savoir Vivre mentality in Saarbrücken. Paris can be reached by train in less than two hours, the cities Luxemburg, Strasbourg and Metz are all less than 100 km away.

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