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Prof Dr Andreas Keller


Prof. Keller's expertise is mainly in the study of coding and non-coding RNA data, systems biology analysis and the analysis of metagenome / metatranscriptome datasets. The main focus of his research at HIPS deals with generating and analyzing Next Generation Sequencing datasets and establishing Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods at HIPS.

In the area of artificial intelligence to improve drug development, the groups of Andreas Keller, Rolf Müller, Anna Hirsch and Olga Kalinina are collaborating with the Saarland Informatics Campus and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. The goal is also to use improved AI methods to identify new targets that might have remained hidden in the context of classical research. In his future research, Keller will generate single-cell experiments of human and bacterial samples with spatial and temporal resolution at HIPS and develop corresponding computational analysis approaches for such data.