Dr Ronald Garcia


Dr. Garcia studied Microbiology in his Bachelor and Masters at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. After working in industry and academia in the Philippines for a couple of years, he decided to join Rolf Müller’s laboratory for doctoral studies in 2006 under the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the Saarland University. When HIPS was founded in 2009, his position was changed under the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research. In 2011, he obtained his Doctor’s degree and since then, he continued his work on microbial natural products and anti-infective research of novel myxobacteria.

Dr. Garcia has shown interest and passion working on combining multidisciplinary fields in microbial diversity, ecology, metagenomics, systematics, phylogenetics, and microbial physiology to unravel the uncultured myxobacteria and their frontier. Through the years, he established a one of a kind strain collection that houses unique and rare myxobacteria for novel natural product discovery, which is primarily aimed at finding novel antibiotics. Currently, he is working on an anti-infective research project from untapped myxobacterial sources to help to combat the problem of human-threatening antibiotic resistance.