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Dr Ronald Garcia


Dr. Garcia studied Microbiology in his Bachelor and Masters at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. After working in industry and academia in the Philippines for a couple of years, he decided to join Rolf Müller’s laboratory for doctoral studies in 2006 under the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the Saarland University. When HIPS was founded in 2009, his position was changed under the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research. In 2011, he obtained his Doctor’s degree and since then, he continued his work on microbial natural products and anti-infective research of novel myxobacteria.

Dr. Garcia has shown interest and passion working on combining multidisciplinary fields in microbial diversity, ecology, metagenomics, systematics, phylogenetics, and microbial physiology to unravel the uncultured myxobacteria and their frontier. Through the years, he established a one of a kind strain collection that houses unique and rare myxobacteria for novel natural product discovery, which is primarily aimed at finding novel antibiotics. Currently, he is working on an anti-infective research project from untapped myxobacterial sources to help to combat the problem of human-threatening antibiotic resistance.


New myxobacteria of the Myxococcaceae clade produce angiolams with antiparasitic activities

Walesch S, Garcia R, Mahmoud A, Panter F, Bollenbach S, Mäser P, Kaiser M, Krug D, Müller R (2024)

Microbiology SpectrumDOI: 10.1128/spectrum.03689-23


Structure Elucidation and Biosynthesis of Nannosterols A and B, Myxobacterial Sterols from Nannocystis sp. MNa10993

Akone S, Hug J, Kaur A, Garcia R, Müller R (2023)

Journal of natural products 86 (4): 915-923DOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.2c01143


The inherent antibiotic activity of myxobacteria-derived autofluorescent outer membrane vesicles is switched on and off by light stimulation

Lapuhs P, Heinrich E, Garcia R, Goes A, Frank N, Bollenbach L, Stibane V, Kuhn T, Koch M, Kiemer A, …, Fuhrmann K, Fuhrmann G (2022)

NanoscaleDOI: 10.1039/d2nr02743g

Discovery, Biosynthesis and Biological Activity of a Succinylated Myxochelin from the Myxobacterial strain MSr12020

Okoth D, Hug J, Garcia R, Müller R (2022)

BookDOI: 10.20944/preprints202209.0147.v1

Thiamyxins: Structure and Biosynthesis of Myxobacterial RNA-Virus Inhibitors

Haack P, Harmrolfs K, Bader C, Garcia R, Gunesch A, Haid S, Popoff A, Voltz A, Kim H, Bartenschlager R, Pietschmann T, Müller R (2022)

Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)DOI: 10.1002/anie.202212946

Three New Stigmatellin Derivatives Reveal Biosynthetic Insights of Its Side Chain Decoration

Okoth D, Hug J, Garcia R, Müller R (2022)

Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 27 (14)DOI: 10.3390/molecules27144656

Corallococcus soli sp. Nov., a Soil Myxobacterium Isolated from Subtropical Climate, Chalus County, Iran, and Its Potential to Produce Secondary Metabolites

Babadi Z, Garcia R, Ebrahimipour G, Risdian C, Kämpfer P, Jarek M, Müller R, Wink J (2022)

Microorganisms 10 (7)DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms10071262

Myxobacteria of the Cystobacterineae Suborder Are Producers of New Vitamin K2 Derived Myxoquinones

Panter F, Popoff A, Garcia R, Krug D, Müller R (2022)

Microorganisms 10 (3)DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms10030534

New Deoxyenhygrolides from Plesiocystis pacifica Provide Insights into Butenolide Core Biosynthesis

Hug J, Kjaerulff L, Garcia R, Müller R (2022)

Marine drugs 20 (1)DOI: 10.3390/md20010072

Sandacrabins - Structurally Unique Antiviral RNA Polymerase Inhibitors from a Rare Myxobacterium

Bader C, Panter F, Garcia R, Tchesnokov E, Haid S, Walt C, Spröer C, Kiefer A, Götte M, Overmann J, Pietschmann T, Müller R (2022)

Chem. Eur. J. 28 (10)DOI: 10.1002/chem.202104484


Structure and Biosynthesis of Myxofacyclines: Unique Myxobacterial Polyketides Featuring Varing and Rare Heterocycles *

Popoff A, Hug J, Walesch S, Garcia R, Keller L, Müller R (2021)

Chem. Eur. J. 27 (67): 16654-16661DOI: 10.1002/chem.202103095

Structure and biosynthesis of sorangipyranone - a new γ-dihydropyrone from the myxobacterial strain MSr12020

Okoth D, Hug J, Mándi A, Kurtán T, Garcia R, Müller R (2021)

Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology 48 (3-4)DOI: 10.1093/jimb/kuab029


Myxobacteria-Derived Outer Membrane Vesicles: Potential Applicability Against Intracellular Infections

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2-Hydroxysorangiadenosine: Structure and Biosynthesis of a Myxobacterial Sesquiterpene-Nucleoside

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Myxobakterielle Naturstofffabriken

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Corrigendum to biocompatible bacteria-derived vesicles show inherent antimicrobial activity (Journal of Controlled Release (2018) 290 (46–55), (S0168365918305698) (10.1016/j.jconrel.2018.09.030))

Schulz E, Goes A, Garcia R, Panter F, Koch M, Müller R, Fuhrmann K, Fuhrmann G (2019)

Journal of Controlled Release 293: 155-157DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2018.11.027

Production of a Dibrominated Aromatic Secondary Metabolite by a Planctomycete Implies Complex Interaction with a Macroalgal Host

Panter F, Garcia R, Thewes A, Zaburannyi N, Bunk B, Overmann J, Gutierrez M, Krug D, Müller R (2019)

ACS Chem. Biol. 14 (accepted // 12): 2713-2719DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.9b00641

Two Biosynthetic Pathways in Jahnella thaxteri for Thaxteramides, Distinct Types of Lipopeptides

Oueis E, Klefisch T, Zaburannyi N, Garcia R, Plaza A, Müller R (2019)

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Biocompatible bacteria-derived vesicles show inherent antimicrobial activity

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Metabolic and Biosynthetic Diversity in Marine Myxobacteria

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Future Directions of Marine Myxobacterial Natural Product Discovery Inferred from Metagenomics

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Mar. Drugs 16 (9)DOI: 10.3390/md16090303

Simulacricoccus ruber gen. nov., sp. nov., a microaerotolerant, non-fruiting, myxospore-forming soil myxobacterium and emended description of the family Myxococcaceae

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Correlating chemical diversity with taxonomic distance for discovery of natural products in myxobacteria

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Pyxipyrrolones: Structure elucidation and biosynthesis of cytotoxic myxobacterial metabolites

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Vitiosangium cumulatum gen. nov., sp. nov. and Vitiosangium subalbum sp. nov., soil myxobacteria, and emended descriptions of the genera Archangium and Angiococcus, and of the family Cystobacteraceae

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Solving the puzzle of the one-carbon loss in ripostatin biosynthesis

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Racemicystis crocea gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel soil myxobacterium in Polyangiaceae

Awal R, Garcia R, Müller R (2016)

Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. (66)DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.001045

Aetherobacter fasciculatus gen. nov., sp. nov. and Aetherobacter rufus gen. nov., sp. nov., two novel myxobacteria with promising biotechnological applications

Garcia R, Stadler M, Gemperlein K, Müller R (2016)

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Synthetic pathway enzymes for the production of Argyrins

Müller R, Wenzel S, Garcia R (2015)

Patent (US9217169 B2)

Cystochromones, unusual chromone-containing polyketides from the myxobacterium Cystobacter sp. MCy9104

Nadmid S, Plaza A, Garcia R, Müller R (2015)

J. Nat. Prod. 78 (8): 2023-8DOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.5b00343

Aggregicoccus edonensis gen. nov., sp. nov., an unusually aggregating myxobacterium isolated from a soil sample

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Minicystis rosea gen. nov., sp. nov., a polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich and steroid-producing soil myxobacterium

Garcia R, Gemperlein K, Müller R (2014)

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Hyalachelins A-C, unusual siderophores isolated from the terrestrial myxobacterium Hyalangium minutum

Nadmid S, Plaza A, Lauro G, Garcia R, Bifulco G, Müller R (2014)

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Cystomanamides: structure and biosynthetic pathway of a family of glycosylated lipopeptides from myxobacteria

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Org. Lett. 16 (9): 2414-2417DOI: 10.1021/ol500779s

Angiolactone, a new Butyrolactone isolated from the terrestrial myxobacterium, Angiococcus sp.

Raju R, Garcia R, Müller R (2014)

J. Antibiot. epub ahead of printDOI: 10.1038/ja.2014.55

Polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis in myxobacteria

Gemperlein K, Rachid S, Garcia R, Wenzel S, Müller R (2014)

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Jahnellamides, a-keto-ß-methionine-containing peptides from the terrestrial myxobacterium Jahnella sp.: structure and biosynthesis

Plaza A, Viehrig K, Garcia R, Müller R (2013)

Org. Lett. 15 (22): 5882-5885DOI: 10.1021/ol402967y

Microsclerodermins from terrestrial myxobacteria: An intriguing biosynthesis likely connected to a sponge symbiont

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Aetheramides A and B, potent HIV-inhibitory depsipeptides from a myxobacterium of the new genus 'Aetherobacter'

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Sandaracinus amylolyticus gen. nov., sp. nov., a starch-degrading soil myxobacterium, and description of Sandaracinaceae fam. nov

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Bendigoles D-F, bioactive sterols from the marine sponge-derived Actinomadura sp. SBMs009

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A highly conjugated dihydroxylated C28 steroid from a myxobacterium

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Fatty acid-related phylogeny of myxobacteria as an approach to discover polyunsaturated omega-3/6 fatty acids

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Production of omega-3 fatty acids by myxobacteria International Patent

Stadler M, Roemer E, Müller R, Garcia R, Pistorius D, Brachmann A (2010)

Patent (International Patent WO 2010/063451 A2)

Expanded phylogeny of myxobacteria and evidence for cultivation of the 'unculturables'

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Phaselicystis flava gen. nov., sp. nov., an arachidonic acid-containing soil myxobacterium, and the description of Phaselicystidaceae fam. nov

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Efficient mining of myxobacterial metabolite profiles enabled by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometry and compound-based principal component analysis

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