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Roya Shafiei


Roya Shafiei studied Microbiology at IAU, Tehran Medical University in Tehran-Iran (2012-2016). After graduation, she moved to Germany and continued her academic studies at Saarland University as a Master’s student in Biotechnology. In 2019, she joined the research group of Prof. Dr. Anna Hirsch at Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS) for an internship and later on, her Master’s thesis. 

In 2021 she started a new career as Junior Scientist at Eurofins PHAST GmbH, working on analytical development in biopharmaceutical product testing. In 2022, she returned to HIPS Institute to pursue her Ph.D.

Roya Shafiei is now doing her Ph.D. project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Anna Hirsch at HIPS Institute/Saarland University, focusing on biological evaluation of novel inhibitors of virulence factors elastase and collagenase.