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Márió Széles


Márió Széles graduated in summer 2020 from University College London with an integrated Master’s degree in Natural Sciences. During his university studies he majored in organic chemistry and also undertook studies in pharmacology, neuroscience and psychology where he developed a particular interest in applying chemistry to biological problems. In pursuit of this, he worked on synthesizing novel fluorescent probes for image-guided surgery as his Master’s thesis in Prof. Alethea B. Tabor’s group. During his studies he undertook summer internships at the MTA-ELTE Protein Research Group and at Servier Research Institute for Medicinal Chemistry, where he dealt with the synthesis of unnatural amino acids. Since August 2020 he has been working in the Hirsch group at HIPS in collaboration with Evotec, focusing on developing novel antituberculosis compounds of natural product origin.


Expanding the Myxochelin Natural Product Family by Nicotinic Acid Containing Congeners

Frank N, Széles M, Akone S, Rasheed S, Hüttel S, Frewert S, Hamed M, Herrmann J, Schuler S, Hirsch A, Müller R (2021)

Molecules 26 (16)DOI: 10.3390/molecules26164929