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Dr Jake Haeckl


Jake Haeckl studied chemistry and biochemistry, as well as minors in history and marine sciences at UC San Diego, working in the research groups of Tadeusz Molinski and William Gerwick as an undergraduate. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, in 2012 he joined the research group of Roger Linington at UC Santa Cruz investigating marine microbial natural products to find novel inhibitors of biofilm formation in Vibrio cholerae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In 2015, he moved with two other lab members to Simon Fraser University to finish his PhD studies, where he developed new methods for isolating environmental Burkholderia spp. and investigating their natural products by large-scale mass spectrometry (MS) metabolomics.

Since joining the analytics team in MINS, Jake Haeckl is involved in statistical integrations of biological assay data directly with MS metabolomics data to identify candidate bioactive compounds at the earliest stages of investigation. He is also involved in ongoing work to update and optimize the cultivation, extraction, and analytical pipelines for anti-infective compound discovery from diverse myxobacteria.