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Dr Danica Walsh


In 2020, Danica obtained her Ph.D. in chemistry from Montana State University (Bozeman MT, United states), where her research focused on the design and synthesis of prodrug antimicrobials to target biofilms.  

Then she moved on as a postdoc at The University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN, United States). Here her work focused on the use of small molecule adjuvants to restore the efficacy of beta-lactam antibiotics towards drug resistant strains of S. aureus

Since September 2022 she is a postdoctoral researcher in the Hirsch lab, studying anti-infective agents targeting multidrug-resistant bacteria. 


  • Since 2022 Postdoctoral research at HIPS
  • 2020-22 Postdoctoral research in medicinal chemistry
  • 2020 PhD in chemistry