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Dr Brigitta Loretz


Brigitta Loretz studied microbiology, did her diploma thesis at the Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and her Ph.D. at the Pharmaceutical Technology Department, University of Innsbruck, Austria.
Her scientific interest is on carriers for intracellular delivery of biopharmaceutics, in particular, nucleotides, for the use in treatment/prevention of infectious diseases, and the development of new excipients, e.g. of new biodegradable polymers for this purpose. Her studies include delivery systems for antiinfectives, antigens or immune modulators as well as cell- or tissue-based models for the design/investigation of (nano)carrier-enabled delivery via non-invasive routes.


Inhibitors of the Elastase LasB for the Treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lung Infections

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Disrupting Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV) Latent Replication with a Small Molecule Inhibitor

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pH-Responsive Dynaplexes as Potent Apoptosis Inductors by Intracellular Delivery of Survivin siRNA

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Inhibitors of the Elastase LasB for the treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections

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DOI: 10.26434/chemrxiv-2023-bszcb


Proteoid biodynamers for safe mRNA transfection via pH-responsive nanorods enabling endosomal escape

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Leaky gut model of the human intestinal mucosa for testing siRNA-based nanomedicine targeting JAK1

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Nano-in-Microparticles for Aerosol Delivery of Antibiotic-Loaded, Fucose-Derivatized, and Macrophage-Targeted Liposomes to Combat Mycobacterial Infections: In Vitro Deposition, Pulmonary Barrier Interactions, and Targeted Delivery

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Models using native tracheobronchial mucus in the context of pulmonary drug delivery research: Composition, structure and barrier properties

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Towards the sustainable discovery and development of new antibiotics

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Surfactant-Free Glibenclamide Nanoparticles: Formulation, Characterization and Evaluation of Interactions with Biological Barriers

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Co-Delivery of mRNA and pDNA Using Thermally Stabilized Coacervate-Based Core-Shell Nanosystems

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A pulmonary mucus surrogate for investigating antibiotic permeation and activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

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Analysis and Optimization of Two Film-Coated Tablet Production Processes by Computer Simulation: A Case Study

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Drug delivery for fighting infectious diseases: a global perspective

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Microbiota and cancer: In vitro and in vivo models to evaluate nanomedicines

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A New PqsR Inverse Agonist Potentiates Tobramycin Efficacy to Eradicate Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms

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Spray-dried lactose-leucine microparticles for pulmonary delivery of antimycobacterial nanopharmaceuticals

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Synthesis and Biopharmaceutical Characterization of Amphiphilic Squalenyl Derivative Based Versatile Drug Delivery Platform

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Tofacitinib Loaded Squalenyl Nanoparticles for Targeted Follicular Delivery in Inflammatory Skin Diseases

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pH-Dependent morphology and optical properties of lysine-derived molecular biodynamers

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Itaconic Acid Increases the Efficacy of Tobramycin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms

Ho D, Rossi C, Loretz B, Murgia X, Lehr C (2020)

Pharmaceutics 12 (8)DOI: 10.3390/pharmaceutics12080691

Squalenyl Hydrogen Sulfate Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Delivery of Tobramycin and an Alkylquinolone Quorum Sensing Inhibitor Enable the Eradication of P. aeruginosa Biofilm Infections

Ho D, Murgia X, Rossi C, Christmann R, Hüfner de Mello Martins A, Koch M, Andreas A, Herrmann J, Müller R, Empting M, …, Couvreur P, Lehr C (2020)

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Nanoparticle Targeting to Scalp Hair Follicles: New Perspectives for a Topical Therapy for Alopecia Areata

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Macro- and Microrheological Properties of Mucus Surrogates in Comparison to Native Intestinal and Pulmonary Mucus

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Challenges and Strategies in Drug Delivery Systems for Treatment of Pulmonary Infections

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Bioinspired Liposomes for Oral Delivery of Colistin to Combat Intracellular Infections by Salmonella enterica

Menina S, Eisenbeis J, Kamal M, Koch M, Bischoff M, Gordon S, Loretz B, Lehr C (2019)

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Preferential uptake of chitosan-coated PLGA nanoparticles by primary human antigen presenting cells

Durán V, Yasar H, Becker J, Thiyagarajan D, Loretz B, Kalinke U, Lehr C (2019)

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Kinetics of mRNA delivery and protein translation in dendritic cells using lipid-coated PLGA nanoparticles

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Can lifecycle management safeguard innovation in the pharmaceutical industry?

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The role of mucus on drug transport and its potential to affect therapeutic outcomes

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Oral delivery of macromolecular drugs

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Farnesylated Glycol Chitosan as a Platform for Drug Delivery

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Chemically modified h CFTR mRNAs recuperate lung function in a mouse model of cystic fibrosis

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Polysaccharide Submicrocarrier for Improved Pulmonary Delivery of Poorly Soluble Anti-infective Ciprofloxacin

Ho D, Costa A, Rossi C, Souza Carvalho-Wodarz C, Loretz B, Lehr C (2018)

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A miRNA181a/NFAT5 axis links impaired T cell tolerance induction with autoimmune type 1 diabetes

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Starch-Chitosan Polyplexes

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Postmenopausaler Lichen planopilaris alias fibrosierende frontotemporale Alopezie Kossard

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Permanent gene correction by means of nucleotide-modified messenger RNA

Kormann M, Lehr C, Loretz B, Malaeksefat E (2017)

Patent (DE/08.10.13/ DEA102013111099)

Modelling the bronchial barrier in pulmonary drug delivery

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