Laura Franz


Laura Franz studied biochemistry at Bielefeld University. During her master studies, she interned at the Biomedical Science Research Complex (BSRC) in St Andrews (Scotland) and at Bayer’s CropScience Division in Monheim. In St Andrews, she was working on the characterization of highly unusual intramolecular covalent linkages between amino acid side chains in surface proteins of gram-positive bacteria. Her master’s thesis at Bayer CropScience involved the development of cellular assays, pharmacological characterization and the validation of new insecticide targets. 

In 2017, she joined the junior research group Structural Biology of Biosynthetic Enzymes at HIPS, led by Jun. Prof. Dr. Jesko Köhnke as a PhD student. She focuses on the elucidation of Bottromycin biosynthesis and the characterization of the biosynthetic enzymes. She is also working on the generation of semi- and biosynthetically modified natural products.