Dr Lena Keller


Lena joined the HIPS as a PhD student in mid-2011 after receiving her diploma in Pharmacy at Saarland University to study the secondary metabolites of Myxobacteria. In 2015, Lena moved to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, United States, as a postdoctoral scholar. There, she worked with Prof. William Gerwick on the mass-spectrometry based discovery of bioactive natural products from Cyanobacteria as well as drug metabolism and optimization. She returned to HIPS after her postdoctoral studies in 2018. Lena now focuses on the identification of natural products utilizing zebrafish larvae as a model organism in combination with advanced analytical techniques. Zebrafish larvae are an in vivo model system in drug discovery that has the potential to bridge the gap between cell-culture and animal models.