Dr Fabian Panter


Fabian Panter studied chemistry at Saarland University and chemical engineering at Ecole européenne de chimie polymères et matériaux in a bilingual double diploma program. After obtaining his master’s degree in November of 2014, he worked on his PhD project in the Microbial Natural Products group at HIPS in the fields of bioanalytical chemistry and biotechnology. Since finishing his PhD in March of 2019, he is a postdoctoral researcher in the analytics team of the Microbial Natural Products group with a special research focus on the high-resolution mass spectrometry systems such as the qTOF, timsTOF and FT-ICR systems.

As part of the analytics team, Fabian Panter is involved in using statistical methods to filter large amounts of high-resolution LC-MS data to uncover LC-MS signals generated by potentially interesting myxobacterial secondary metabolites. Part of his main research focus is using diverse separation methods, including semi-preparative LC and SFC followed by NMR analysis, to isolate and structurally elucidate novel bacterial secondary metabolites. Additionally, his research comprises both in-silico predictions of the underlying secondary metabolite biosynthesis pathways as well as the development and use of genetic tools to prove predicted secondary metabolite biosynthesis pathways.